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This includes child development and parenting education, home visits, and family services. Health, nutrition, and cultural programs are also available, along with social and emotional learning opportunities. Transportation is included. These services cater to pregnant women and families with children ages birth to 5.

9615 Grand Ronde Road, Grand Ronde, OR 97347
License-Exempt Childcare Center
7:45 AM – 2:00 PM. After care closes at 5:15, Monday – Friday, 7:45 AM – 5:00 PM
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Eligibility Requirements


We provide a range of services tailored for expecting parents and families with children between the ages of 0-5. Our programs are particularly designed to benefit the Grand Ronde and Native American communities.

Who We Serve

We primarily serve residents of the Grand Ronde community and Native American families. Our aim is to offer vital support to these communities through our diverse range of programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Each program has its own set of eligibility requirements. While many of our slots are reserved for low-income families, some programs operate on a sliding fee scale. It’s important to check the specific criteria for the program you’re interested in.

Income-Based Enrollment

The bulk of our services are income-based and free for families who meet the eligibility guidelines. These programs are designed to be as accessible as possible to those who need them the most.

Checking Your Eligibility

If you’re unsure whether you qualify, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can easily check your eligibility by giving us a call or sending an email. We’re here to guide you through the application and eligibility process.

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Steps to Enrollment

Submit Your Application

Fill out and submit your application. Although we accept applications year-round, the selection and placement for the next school year happen each June. Make sure to apply before this date to be considered in the first round of placements. Click here for the application.

Understand Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment criteria differ across our programs. Most spots are reserved for low-income families. If your income is above the federal poverty level, you may not get a slot. However, a limited number of over-income families can join our need-based programs. Selection for these slots is based on various risk factors identified during the application process, such as disabilities, homelessness, incarceration, and foster care status.

Keep the June Deadline in Mind

Remember, even though we accept applications year-round, the main selection and placement happen in June for the upcoming school year. To be in the running for the first round, submit your application before this date.

Required Documents

Make sure you have the following documents available when applying.

Income Verification
Proof of Address and of Child’s Age
Tribal Enrollment (if applicable)